Monday, September 30, 2019

Professional Sculpture Artist in India

The complexity and variety in history and practice of sculpture have differed it from other visual-art forms. The production and editioning of sculpture along with bronze can involve and utilize other materials and methods of fabrication beyond various kinds of mold-making and casting, including more recent computer-based output processes.

Sculpting Workshop at Connect Art has established a unique place in the field of sculpting where you can learn more about sculpture and sculpting from a professional sculpture artist. All the steps and techniques of sculpting from live models. You will appreciate the friendly and stimulating atmosphere of this sculpture manufacturing company that encourages you to explore the possibilities of the medium and develop your own imagination.

Our works draw on our thorough knowledge of anatomy by the experienced and professional sculpture artists. They are inspired by live models as we seek to fix the ephemeral movement and fleeting emotion stemming from the balance, beauty, and energy of the body. Sculpture, whether an object or a figure or a series, may entail creation by a single artist, a collaboration of artists with expert technicians and craftsmen. The process or the involvement is similar to the way in which an architect designs a building but does not build it alone. All of these conditions create a context that determines whether a sculpture will be authorized and endorsed by the artist or not. In these cases, originality and authenticity are certified by a particular sculpture company. Do not hesitate to ask for that. call us +91 033 2476 9327 or +91 90512 07060

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