Thursday, October 17, 2019

Outdoor sculpture requires a bit more attention

All sculpture, whether indoor or outdoor will show subtle signs of aging consistent with most fine art. A professional artist or a concerned owner always takes great care of their sculpture materials so that they remain totally free from defects and most sculptures can live outdoors for many years without any serious degradation. In warmer climates mostly like in India there are generally no problems associated with having stone sculptures in outdoors. In colder climates, as winter temperatures drop below zero for a sustained period, the sculptures outside as may absorb moisture, freeze and then crack. In such circumstances try to raise the sculpture off the ground to prevent moisture, and as an extra precaution apply a concrete/driveway sealer to the underside of the base.

 From museums to parks, from college campuses to housing complexes or gardens, sculptures are as popular as ever. The sculpture garden condenses the relationship between human and landscape – a place where art, man, and nature intertwine. Our famous outdoor sculptures have placed in– Visitel Hotel, Worship House, Fortune Township, Greenfield City are a few to name.

For outdoor sculptures, there are so many materials to choose from, plain to complex and combinations. To start with clay as terracotta and ceramic, stone, wood, bronze, cement, glass, fiberglass, epoxy, or combinations of any or all these materials are possible. It depends on your imagination and what you want to express through the materials and the medium. Turn your imagination into reality with any material.

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